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On another note, I watched Twelfth Night with my sister last night. We got there real early but we didn't queue till there was someone else sitting in front of us. It was a couple. They kindly offered us their mat since I refused to sit down and there was still an hour to go before the gates were opened.

They were extremely nice. I've never met such nice people since the start of the year! All I got were disappointments piling up one after another. It was a fresh feeling. We set our tiny mat next to theirs and they even offered us grapes! They refused to let us refuse. All I can say is, Thank You very much. You make me think that there are still people out there who are willing to help others with a smile. 

Maybe they thought we were kids? Still, thank you.

The play as a whole was very entertaining. All the actors were very natural especially Feste. I still can't get why my secondary school literature teacher pronounces Feste as Festee. There is one 'e' for a reason right? I liked how they incorporated some Singaporean flavor to the play with the 'karang guni' and even the Japanese 'so desu ne'. Cesario putting on sunbathing lotion on Orsino and touching stuff was epic! Also, the best part for me has to be the echo of 'ignorance'. 

I enjoyed it very much even with the heat and the rain. Think positive!

I guess these past 3 years as a literary student has paid off. Understanding the language of Shakespeare really made the whole experience much more enjoyable. Go to!

My Santagotchi finally knitted his Santa hat and made his clothes. He's 111 years old and 117 grams. Two more days before the child grows old! I call this an achievement.


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