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Poyo poyo coming soon. (=^ェ^=)
The only game I've completed is the tamagotchi music game which went for 200yen.
Trying to play Kingdom Hearts in order now. (⌒-⌒; )


May. 23rd, 2012 11:08 am
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Yes! It's here!

But I can't charge it. (⌒-⌒; )

Now to wait for the charger.

This endless waiting, anticipation and hope...

Come to me charger! 
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I was looking forward to the 3ds coming today only to find out in the morning that it had a clearance delay. I sulked the whole day. I then received a call from FedEx asking me for the title of the game I had bought. Here's to hoping they didn't open my package. It's cleared now so I should be getting it tomorrow! Yes, just one more day!


What's funny now is that I have Theatrhythm now but no console. ( ;´Д`)

Oh well, just a few more hours!

Note: An image does not have meaning until someone puts a caption on it. Even with a caption, people might interpret differently because of their different experiences in life. You should not force your opinions on others and expect them to understand how you think when they are not you, and can never be you. What might be an apple tree to you might be a pear tree to another person. There's no true answer. I don't see why then you should think that you are always right, that your opinions matter, that other people should think your opinions matter. There is no truth in this world since different truths exist for different people. 
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You shouldn't buy the NA Dream Drop Distance because you have the JP one coming.


Also, you don't have the game alone but a Kingdom Hearts 3DS console! Why do you need the NA DDD when you don't even have an NA console? 


No think about this seriously, you aren't working till your results are out so where are you going to get the money for the game?

But... It is a collector's edition and it has all those stuff that the JP edition does not have! You know, like the picture cards and the ar cards... 

You have the ar cards from your bundle don't you?

Yeah, but what about the picture cards? The case? The ones that are going for $399 on the JP version?

Are you willing to pay that $75? It's up to you.

That's why we're having this conversation. I want an opinion.

I gave you my opinion but you seem bent on following your own!

Well, maybe it's because yours doesn't really help much.

Oh, now we're coming to that?

To what?

That! You know that thing you do where you spend all your money against your better judgement and my better judgement.

But your judgement is my judgement.

According to?

Us? You are me and I am you. So my judgement is your judgement, isn't it?

Oh, you're right about that, at least.

So should I still buy the collector's edition?


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I. Must. Not. Buy. The. Mark. Of. Mastery. Kingdom. Hearts. Collector's. Edition.

I. Must. Not. I already bought the kingdom hearts 3ds. I. Must. Not.

My 3ds is finally on its way. Who knew shipping from Hokkaido to Tokyo would take a whole week? Here's to hoping that the customs don't hold my 3ds hostage. ( ;´Д`)


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